Meet Heidi

have walked many miles in my quest for health. I have seen many practitioners along the way. It has not been an easy path. I had suffered from digestive issues, TMJ, intense muscle and nerve pain, migraines, dizziness, and more for many years. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2016.  I have spent thousands of dollars in search of health and a better quality of life. If you are like me, you know what I am talking about. I often felt like I was on an endless search for the ghost in the forest. 


I understand the frustration that comes when you know something is wrong, yet blood tests come back normal and doctor's think you are crazy. You are not crazy. 


Regardless of your symptoms or diagnosis, the foundation to improved health comes down to nutrition, lifestyle, and your body's ability to maintain its own internal balance. Even if you are eating  good foods, symptoms can remain a factor if your body is not effectively able to utilize the nutrients from those foods. 


We are all different, and therefore require a unique approach to our health and wellbeing. What may be considered healthy for one person, may make another ill. A tailored approach is crucial to long-term success. 


I truly understand many of the factors associated with health challenges, and the frustrations that go with them. It is possible to regain control over your health. I get it. Let's uncover what's possible for you.


Working with Heidi

s a Functional Nutrition Coach, I will work to create a process of discovering what is right for you and your body. 


Through a functional lens I will assess diet, lifestyle, stress, toxin overloads as well as many other factors that may be preventing you from feeling your best. 


When working with me you'll come to understand how I love using analogies to help you to better understand what's going on in your body. 


When we peer into a stream of water that is cloudy and full of debris, we cannot see the treasures hidden within. If we filter the water and remove the debris, the truth of what's in there is revealed. 

I work with you to identify and remove foods that may be contributing to internal inflammation manifesting as signs and symptoms. 

Together we focus on the symptoms that still remain after we've cleared the murky waters, and dive deeper into finding the root cause.

I take into consideration your lifestyle and create a customized plan for you that you can easily incorporate into your life.

I support you in the process as your journey to health unfolds.

A functional approach involves asking the right questions for self-discovery, thereby gaining a deeper level of healing above and beyond diet changes.